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How To Make Your Home Look classy and Expensive On A Budget

Posted by Karima Sheikh on

How To Make Your Home Look  classy and More Expensive On A Budget


Matching containers for storage

If you need more than one storage container then make sure you use the same ones, people often make a mistake when trying to do a mix and match or create a theme but that makes the house look cheap and cluttered. So make sure you use the same container jars for all your spaces whether it's mason jars, containers or baskets. The uniformity gives the spaces a high-end feel.


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Door knobs


This is an easy way to add style and glam up your kitchen units or anything with a door knob. The crystal or silver knobs are perfect for adding a high-end look.


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Just adding a bouquet of fresh flowers can really brighten up your home; it adds life to the room and complements any piece of furniture. If you don’t want to replace the flowers every few days then you can find really good fake flowers just make sure you can’t tell they’re not real cause that makes the room look even worse than it was. Make sure you don’t use a clear vase for the fake flowers. This will absolutely class up your home and make it feel more expensive.



Vertical space

 Make your space appear grander and larger by using your space vertically. This can really make the house feel more expensive as you give the illusion of high ceilings, whether it’s a shelf, mirror or curtain.






Instead of having so many small decoration items throughout the house which you will hardly notice why not create a vignette instead, this will make the house look a lot neater and elegant. You can then place these on a coffee table, side table, shelves or anywhere really. This will also give the house a staged look.




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