Living room furniture arrangement - practical inspirations

  • Mar 19, 2023
  • By MR D


How to furnish a living room is influenced by several things - for example, the shape, number and location of windows and doors in the interior. Because it is difficult to change the position of the door, and even more so the windows, the arrangement of furniture must be planned carefully and knowing a few rules.

Also, when arranging this interior, it is worth locating the key areas that we want to highlight. In the living room, it is certainly most often a multimedia corner with a large TV, but the fireplace or a large window with a beautiful view can also attract attention. One of the most important pieces of furniture is a sofa and armchairs, which are an excellent base for creating a relaxation zone.


A sofa in a large room can set a relaxation zone in the middle, e.g. set parallel to a fireplace or TV set. An interesting arrangement of two sofas opposite each other in the middle - perpendicular to the fireplace. There should be a coffee table or bench between them. In a small living room, a piece of furniture can stand under the window. The sofa under the window should have a low backrest - otherwise it blocks the view.


Leave the choice of armchairs for the very end. First arrange the sofa, and only then decide how to arrange the armchairs. In the case of two parts, place the armchairs at the short sides of the sofa, but not necessarily in a straight line. The armchairs in the living room look nicer when they are facing each other at a slight angle and separated by a coffee table.



Tips for the right arrangement


  1. Set a focal point - decide what piece of furniture will be the center of attention.
  2. Designate zones - the living room can have different functions. Most often there is a relaxation, TV, reading and dining area. Match them with the type of furniture.
  3. Start furnishing the living room with the largest pieces of furniture - a sofa or a wardrobe.
  4. Use asymmetry - diagonal or transverse arrangement of furniture adds more space to the interior of a square-shaped room.
  5. Lifestyle - adjust the living room furniture to your needs.
  6. Don't ignore the light - well-thought-out lighting is of great importance in the design of the living room. It should be located at different heights, thanks to which the decor will seem additionally more proportional. 


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Tips for a small living room

  1. Avoid uniform furniture - the room will seem heavier; various shades will add lightness to the interior,
  2. Lower furniture, e.g. pouffes and tables, look better when placed diagonally - at an angle,
  3. Higher furniture, such as sofas and bookcases, should be placed parallel to the walls,
  4. Round coffee tables look better than rectangular ones.






Tips how to arrange furniture in the living room combined with the dining room

  1. The table should be placed as close to the kitchen as possible. By placing the furniture in this way, you can move the dishes to the dining room faster and safer.
  2. It is good to arrange the dining area as close to the window as possible.
  3. A piece of furniture set with the back to the annex and the front to the opposite wall will clearly mark out two zones of the room - kitchen and lounge.





Make good use of the space you have and adapt the furniture to it. Furnish so that the interior of the living room is a comfortable space where you can relax and spend time with your family. 





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