A dream dining table - how to choose the perfect piece of furniture for years? 

  • Mar 04, 2023
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The dining room is an extremely important place in every home. At the table, you spend time not only eating, but also chatting with your family and friends. Therefore, the dining room must be arranged in such a way as to ensure comfort during long meetings.



This essential centerpiece of any home is traditionally placed in either the dining room or the living room. It should bring harmony to the decor and provide comfortable seating with ample space for freedom of movement. There are many shapes and sizes to choose from including a round, rectangular, square or extendable table. Determining which to select is based on personal preference and the available area for placement. The size of the room also dictates the form and appearance of the furniture. Tables in light colors and with a light structure will work well in a small area, which will help to give the whole arrangement delicacy and optically enlarge the room. In large rooms, we can bet on tables for the living room in dark colors and with more massive forms firmly embedded in the ground. Thanks to them, the decor will gain character and coziness. Choosing the right furniture for your space is key.


1. Rectangular or square table

Rectangular or square tables generally suit spaces with minimalist and modern designs, due to their basic geometric shapes. An advantage of the rectangular table is its capacity for wall placement; making it ideal for smaller rooms. It can also be used as a focal point in larger spaces, both for practical uses and as an aesthetically pleasing feature. A simple and at the same time modern table should be made of durable and at the same time extremely durable materials.


7star Marble Effect MDF Dining Table


2. Round table

Positioned in the center of the dining room, this piece of furniture is ideal for larger rooms. The advantage of a round table is the capacity to accommodate a high number of chairs while offering unrestricted access to the table. Moreover, round tables are the optimal choice for families with young children, since their design eliminates the risks of sharp edges.


 7star Lorcan Dining Table


7star Angus Dining Table  


3. Extendable Dinning Table

Folding tables, in both rectangular and round top forms, provide an extremely practical solution. They are a popular choice, offering the convenience of being able to expand the tabletop surface whenever required, such as when guests arrive. Folding tables are a great option for those with limited space - when not in use, the table can simply remain in an unassembled form.



7star Extending Black Tempered Glass Dining Table


For long-lasting quality and aesthetic cohesion with one's interior, selecting an appropriate size and material of dining table is essential. Wooden tables with laminated tops, modern glass furniture, and table/chair sets are all available for purchase in our offer. Alternatively, customers may opt to purchase chairs separately.  When selecting a table for these spaces, take into account the amount of people who typically make use of the space. If you don't usually host large groups, a smaller table should suffice; one that offers adequate surface area for comfortable dining. Carefully styled in a modern fashion with an exclusive look, a table may not only provide a functional interior furnishing, but also act as an aesthetic point of interest, acting as a decorative component that enhances the space.




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