Freshen up your home this summer!

  • Jun 28, 2016
  • By MR D

Freshen up your home this summer!

Summer is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to add a bit of style to your lounge, but when it comes to home renovation and upgrades it can quickly unbalance check books. We’ve put together 5 of the best ways you can add a bit of style to your lounge without breaking the bank.

Cushion covers is one of the best ways to add colour and brighten up your living room area, you can pick covers with Bold Colours, pattern designs, textured covers and different shapes. It can get pricey but there so many dupes you can use for this technique or you can even make it your next DIY project.

Centre pieces are really easy to make and will hardly cost you £20, it can be the centre of attention and you can get really creative with this. Get inspired and choose a theme for you centrepiece, almost any small piece can be used for this.

Poufs are really hot in style right now; add a few of these to your living room area to add extra seating or use to put your feet up on. You can get these in almost any colour you want and they look really cool.

Photo frames can be stylish and elegant if you arrange it really well, find your inspiration and get creative. You can buy different size frames from the pound store and create a photo wall, this is a really cute idea because it reminds you of the memories you had with your loved ones.

Finding the perfect rug can be time consuming but adding one can completely transform your living area, whether you go for kilim rugs or monochromatic high pile shag rugs, this doesn’t require a big investment but it can be timeless piece.

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