The best way to style your coffee table so that it always looks interesting

  • Jul 25, 2022
  • By David Singh

Yes, a coffee table primarily serves as a functional piece of furniture. After all, you need somewhere to store your drinks. But you may also use the table to furnish your living space with a vignette. You are better than that. You could just pile some books on there and call it a day. These coffee tables will inspire you to go restyle your own, regardless matter whether you want some organised chaos or want things to be as simple as they possibly can be.

1 Switch Up the Heights

A decent coffee table should have a range of textures and heights. Placing books on top of a candelabra and a vase of fresh flowers on a plain white coffee table, this will keep the scene fascinating.

2 Think Outside The Box

Use hefty, mobile sculptures like cylinders as coffee tables instead of large ones. Add colourful decorations later, like as flowers and books, to make the white base shine.

Limit yourself to one, maybe two objects if you're working with a tiny table like a pouffe. You only need a little vase of flowers to complete the look.


3 Add Some Greenery

Want a houseplant on your table but are unable to keep one alive? The best way to give your table some new life is with succulents.


4 Stack It Up

Stack books and add decorative items, such as bowls or a flower vase, on top of each stack. It will appear smaller and less cluttered with the help of individual piles.


5 Add a Runner

Try using a runner to play with patterns if you have an ottoman-style coffee table that is upholstered. It will add enough visual appeal on its own, but you are welcome to add a tray on top if you choose.


6 Get Lit

A large lantern serves both decorative and practical purposes. It's a nice, distinctive replacement for a typical coffee table candle.

Show off your collections on your coffee table, including boxes, books, and even artwork. The desire of visitors is to inspect everything.


7 Be a Bookworm

Finally, put to good use all those gifts of coffee table books. Add some boxes or a tray to break it up.


8 Try a Tray

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